Membership Options

AHRI offers four types of membership to manufacturers of any product within the scope of one or more of AHRI’s product sections, and which has a substantial volume of more than $1,000,000 in annual sales. Membership includes all divisions or branches of the corporation or firm which manufacture products within the scope of any product section.

Full Membership

In order to become a full member, a company must manufacture and sell in North America.

Associate Membership

An associate member is a company that manufactures a product that is used in one of AHRI’s covered products but does not manufacture the whole product as defined by the section scope, such as a component manufacturer. This level of membership has limited voting capabilities, but associate members are able to attend industry and product section meetings.

International Membership

An international member manufactures products outside of North America, but must sell a substantial number of units in North America. This type of membership has limited voting capabilities, but can actively participate on the applicable AHRI product section committees.

Affiliate Membership

An affiliate member manufactures any product within the scope of one or more product sections outside North America and does not sell that product in North America.

Dues Structure

Dues are for a calendar year and are calculated by sales volume reporting.

Companies whose sales volumes are below 16.1 million dollars pay yearly membership dues of $3200.


500 million and under 0.199 per thousand
> 500 million 0.167 per thousand